Slope Stability Software

Slope stability software

Coupled dynamic hydrology and slope stability models can allow the identification of those processes that dominate the stability of a particular slope. If surface water infiltration from rainfall and piped water supplies is the driving factor in slope failure, this form of simulation can allow the potential effectiveness of surface drainage to be investigated. The use of coupled hydrology-stability models can contribute to  the investigation of any drainage measures aimed at reducing the landslide hazard. Estimating the impact of surface water infiltration—and thus the effectiveness of potential drainage measures—demands a numerical model that incorporates dynamic hydrology so the slope stability response can be simulated over time. Several numerical models are available that would allow such an analysis.


One example is CHASM (Combined Hydrology and Slope Stability Model) software, which has been used in numerous research and practical applications to date, including Mossaic. CHASM is an integrated slope hydrology/slope stability software package that aids the assessment of slope stability conditions. It is designed to help the user estimate the effects on slope stability of selected storm events, surface covers, slope plan curvatures and other important slope and material properties.The dynamics of slope hydrology are computed using a finite difference formulation that accommodates unsaturated and saturated soil water conditions.The software has been developed with a focus on ease and simplicity of use, combined with a level of functionality that is considered appropriate to provide insight on aspects of integrated hydrology slope stability applications. As such it is not a design tool.


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